Denise Kellerman

About Me

Denise Kellerman's Story...


I was born and raised in Kelowna, B.C. I have an older brother Rob, and a sister Jody. I remember so many times the three of us would put on music and just sing as loud as we could for a long time. At the age of ten I recorded my first record “One day at a time”. Some may ask what’s a record? Well...let’s just say it was awhile ago.

Throughout the years I’ve been truly blessed singing at churches, weddings, etc. I had been praying that God would someday open the door for me to do a CD, but it just seemed that the time was never right. But over the past few years God opened up so many doors for me in ways that left no doubt in my mind that He was leading the way. I realized that it had to be His time, not mine. He lead me as far away as Texas to do both recordings for my two CD's, and what a blessing the journey has been.

Becoming a recording artist has been a dream come true for me...

Singing has always been a big part of my life. My parents saw how important music was to me and put me in music lessons. At the age of four I sang my first solo in my home church and even at an early age the songs I sang touched me in a special way...


Making the Call on Him CD


I feel it is important to let you know the background of the song which inspired my first CD, "Call on Him."  “Call on Him” is a very special song to me. My husband Todd and I had wanted a family so bad, but after years of disappointment and trying everything, I had just given up. I was sitting at the piano feeling lost and not having any hope at all. The words to the chorus of “Call on Him” just started coming to me. It’s amazing how God reaches us at our lowest point. It was then I knew God was with me, He knew how I was feeling and He was not going to leave me. I left it all in His hands, and I’m happy to say He blessed us with a baby boy.

However, our joy soon turned to worry. I knew something wasn’t quite right with him and when I took him to the doctor (and many tests later) I was told my son had a heart defect called ventricular septal defect (VSD) and he would not survive unless he had open heart surgery. I couldn’t believe this was happening, why would God give me something so precious and then do this to us. Many times I wondered where God was, I found myself turning to my music where I always found comfort, God again started giving me the words to finish “Call on Him”. I knew He was with me, but it still hurt so much. At 6 months of age we headed for children’s hospital where he would have surgery. So many times I prayed for God to heal him, because I knew He could, but why wouldn’t He? The night before we left for the hospital I prayed over him and finally broke down and said to God “let your will be done”. I had to put my sons life in Gods hand knowing He could take him or let him stay with us. Many prayers happened that day of his surgery, I could just feel them. We are so thankful that God did let him stay with us, the surgery was a success.

When we brought him back home I remember that night going into his room to check on him, I looked down and realized the love God had for us, to send His only son knowing He would die. I finally understood the magnitude of what was done for each one of us. “Thank-you Lord” was written when I realized this. What an amazing God we have.